The Boat & the Captain

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The Boat & the Captain

I'm Luca Lambroni and the Asinarando project was born from my desire to convey emotions and a thousand sensations to let you savor the beauty and identity of my Sardinia in all its most beautiful facets.

BETIA is a historic Italian-made motor sailer, famous for being used in the 80s comedy film by Jonny Dorelli, "Mi faccio la Barca".

Betia is a fascinating boat with great character, very welcoming and with a beautiful story to tell and which I myself will tell you on board.

During the crossing you will be able to listen to my adventures, my metamorphosis, from my sporting past to being a DJ in the most important clubs on the island and above all on the Costa Smeralda, to the sudden change that leaves a great indelible mark on my life.

It is the turning point, the great call of the sea, so strong as to once again turn my life upside down, giving me an incredible adventure!

This is a great story, the first sails kissing the Atlantic Ocean, the Strait of Gibraltar, the adventurous days in which I crossed the entire Pacific Ocean remaining, due to the pandemic, seven months "PRISONER WITHIN A DREAM" passing through atolls, wild islands and pirates, sailing far and wide in the beautiful Polynesia and then ending up catapulted into Indonesia.


The Boat & the Captain
The Boat & the Captain

With a historic motor sailer, departing from Stintino, you go to explore the park island of Asinara, to discover exclusive coves, where the crystalline sea is king and nature blends perfectly with the sea.

Sailing in the crystal clear waters we will be able to spot dolphins, mouflons, griffins, white donkeys and other species that are the effective masters of the park. In addition to exploring, in the various stages, we will have a Sardinian aperitif served on a cork board where you can taste various cold cuts, cheeses and artisanal delicacies, rigorously accompanied by an excellent classic fresh Vermentino. 

With all the relaxation we will dedicate ourselves to various stages, followed by a fish-based lunch, with coffee, sweets and our myrtle.

It will be an intense day, where I will tell you a little about the island starting from the Romans, to the maximum security prison, up to today as the Asinara park, a true pearl of the Mediterranean.

You will have plenty of time to observe, relax and dive into the most beautiful coves of the park with the possibility of snorkelling.

Departure at 10:00

Expected return at 18:00


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The Boat & the Captain

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